Nirin Ngaay - Design on the Edge (2020)

  • Documentary, Design
  • 9m

Follows acclaimed designer printers Trent Walter and Stuart Geddes and their process creating the artists book NIRIN NGAAY for the 22nd Biennale of Sydney 2020. Enter their studio as they independently publish over 1,000 copies on a small vintage 1982 Heidelberg press. The book’s vivid, colourful prints line the walls and benches of the studio. Trent and Stuart manually operate the old press, embracing the challenges of their new tactile machine but also the creative freedom it allows. They experiment with a variety of inks and paper and the effects they create. The repetitious sounds and geometric close-ups of the press create a rhythmic backdrop while Brook Andrew and Jessyca Hutchens, book Co-Editors and Artistic Director and former Assistant Curator of the 22nd Biennale of Sydney, describe the concept of this collaboration. First Nations artists from all over the world contemplating the theme of the 2020 Biennale, ‘NIRIN’, a Wiradjuri word meaning “edge”.


Director Amy Browne
Cinematographer Jason Heller
Cinematographer Amy Browne
Sound Ben Coe