Super House (2017)

  • Documentary, Science, Family, education, enviroment
  • 0m

SUPERhouse! tells the story of the direct relationship between form and energy. Why do our houses and buildings look the way they do? While we have all come to understand that form follows function, to explore this question fully, we need to look at our homes and buildings in the context of energy cost and supply. As we discuss building codes, industry practices, the economics of building approach, and the ever increasing cost of living in a world with a quickly changing climate, we see a need for fast action; As buildings use 49% of all primary energy we create, the Passive House building approach can have an immediate effect on Carbon Emissions, Imported Oil and Energy, and even people’s individual pocket books. That keeps more money in the country, which will in turn, boost job creation. Learn what the Passive building approach is about, understand how we got to where we are today, and realize how balancing the energy equation is an important step towards more security on our planet, in our nation, and our communities. While the tag line of “no furnace required” is a bit misleading, it’s true… while heating and cooling systems are required to keep any home comfortable, these systems are quite simple, are 90% more energy efficient, and take up less space than a traditional heating and cooling systems do!


Director J.D. Wager
Producer Jeff Wager

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