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Architects and interior designers Denise O’Connor and Catherine Crowe help people fall back in love with their homes as they demonstrate how practical and clever design changes can improve people’s quality of life. They visit inspiring places and houses to show families how to improve their lack of light and insufficient storage, as well as tackling problems such as bland colours and rooms that are not functioning properly.


Episode 1

Yvonne, 29, is a Garda and wants to make over her family home in Co Kildare where she has lived all her life. She took over the mortgage after her parents passed away and has been renting out rooms for years to save so that she can redesign the house to make it feel like her own.

Episode 2

Kate and Declan live in a terraced townhouse in Raheny. They both work full-time and have two very young kids. Kate works long hours away from home and Declan works shift work which means he gets to be home during the day more with the children. The couple used to love entertaining friends in their old house, but the bad layout of their house prevents them from doing this any longer. They both seem at breaking point with the kitchen and living rooms situation, but the Design Doctors come along to remedy the family’s layout and space problems.

Episode 3

Christine and Bryan Keaveny live in a terraced house in Wicklow and have two toddlers. The lack of space is driving them mad and things just seem to be spilling out of every corner. They need The Design Doctors’ help with designing a better system for storage and some inspiration to create an exciting colourful bedroom that their two boys will enjoy spending time in.

Episode 4

Teresa and Michael live in a detached house in a rural community outside of Limerick. They have five adult children, one of whom still lives with them. Teresa and Michael’s home has become cluttered after years of being a family hub so it is also a challenge for the Design Doctors to bring about more balance and harmony in the house and to create a more tranquil home for Ríona and for Teresa and Michael’s retirement years.

Episode 5

Morlin and Martin have spent most of their married life living in a large semi-detached house in Donnybrook. The Design Doctors will guide the couple on how to bring their house up to date and show them how to mix old with new. They will show Morlin and Martin that their beautiful antique furniture can be tasteful integrated into a thoroughly modernized home.

Episode 6

Gerard lives in Rush with his twin children, Aoife and Ronan, age 17. The twins mother died when they were just 11 and Ger says he lost interest in the house altogether. The Design Doctors need to create bedrooms that the twins can feel happy in and be proud of. They need to be multifunctional to allow them to bring friends home as well as a place to rest and to study. Although Ronan is shy, Aoife is very enthusiastic about learning how to creating a warm and homely atmosphere and The Design Doctors want to show her how it’s done.


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