Form + Place Season 1

  • Architecture, Design
  • 2020

From the writer & director of Coast Modern comes a series of shorts about people, places, and things that have left their mark on British Columbias Design and Architecture history.


Director Mike Bernard
Producer Leah Mallen



For many people, seeking rest and relaxation means heading out of the city to their cabins. Though their styles and shapes vary greatly, the ways people make use of them have some clear similarities.

Arthur Erickson

Arthur Erickson was an architect and urban planner who left a legacy of inspiring buildings across Canada and around the world. In the film, we visually contemplate his work while hearing him speak.

Ned Pratt and the BC Electric Building

Two icons of mid-century Vancouver; The BC Hydro Building and Architect Ned Pratt. Filmmaker Mike Bernard joins the dots between his Great Uncle Ned and the tower that changed the face of Vancouver.

John Fluevog

A self-described ‘conduit’ for creative energy, John Fluevog has built a boutique empire of shoe stores known for their unique styles. This film dives into the mind of the man who started it all.

Vancouver Special

Can design help reshape a housing typology that has been often maligned in our city? We take a closer look at the Vancouver Special with architects Michael Leckie and Stephanie Robb.

Patkau Architects

Founded in 1978, Patkau Architects has designed some truly remarkable buildings and won many awards. This short focuses on one of their earliest and one of their more recent projects.

Granville Island

Wildly successful Granville Island was transformed from an industrial site by Joost Bakker and Norm Hotson in 1979 and has flourished ever since. Joost tells the story of the island’s development.

Nitobe Memorial Garden

Nitobe Memorial Garden is a tribute to the accomplished and benevolent Dr. Inazō Nitobe (1862 – 1933). This piece explores the garden through four seasons and the experience of the tea ceremony.


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