Home Made Season 1

  • Home, Design, Documentary
  • 2019

Meet the Canadians choosing to do home differently. From life off the grid to living in a converted school bus, this series explores the motivations behind these unique lifestyles.


Off the Grid

Living off-grid in Northern British Columbia, this family of seven has gone back to the land in a uniquely modern way. Jeff and Rose share their unique approach to introducing their five daughters to lives of learning and adventure.

The Art of Home

A working artist Renee finds solace in channeling her art onto the walls of their house. The connection between art and therapy is alive in this Fort Murray household.

Schools Out

Working on a farm outside Kelowna, BC, Brittany enlists a little help form her friends as she converts a 32-Foot bus into a travelling home - creating a life free from debt and routine.

Modern Homesteading

The quest for food sovereignty is a driving force in the lives if Kristeva and Eric. Nestled within a grove of popular trees outside Grand Prairie, AB, the couple’s ranch embodies their desire for independence and self-sufficiency. Since turning to wild harvesting to supplement their garden, Kristeva and Eric have enriched their lives with a deeper connection to the land, and their community.