Room To Improve Season 9

  • Building, Design, Architecture, Lifestyle, interior design
  • 2013

Architect Dermot Bannon returns with a brand new series of Room To Improve featuring more of his innovative and contemporary design projects. As always, each build is fraught with human and financial drama: over stressed budgets, last minute changes of heart, unexpected disasters, unpredictable weather and the vagaries of an architect desperately trying to convince his clients that he knows best.


Episode 1 - Nenagh

Dermot travels to the village of Puckaun in north Tipperary, to meet teachers Darragh Egan, his partner Sarah Lovett and their three month old son Donagh.

Episode 2 - Drogheda

In Drogheda, Dermot attempts an architectural flight of fancy at the 1930s home of long-haul airline Pilot Ian and his girlfriend Claire.

Episode 3 - Baldoyle

Dermot travels to Baldoyle, North Dublin, where he flips the upstairs and downstairs of Mel and Aoife’s bayside home to make the most of a spectacular view.

Episode 4 - Maynooth

In Maynooth, Dermot redesigns George and Sinead’s 1850s coach house only to discover the entire building has been compromised by a parasitic fungus.

Episode 5 - Revisit

A special edition of the show where Dermot revisits three of his favourite builds from earlier series: the Longford publicans he convinced the embrace the void, a couple moving home from California to Bishopstown and 14 year old Michaels wheelchair accessible semi-d in Malahide.


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