Taste Hunters Season 2

  • Farming, Agriculture, Sustainability
  • 2017

In this age of tasteless food, the world is changing, growing and rediscovering its agricultural capacities. Whether it is by perpetuating ancestral farming methods or by inventing new ways to produce better and healthier food, we tour the world to find, meet and discuss with these committed food producers. Whether they are farmers, market gardeners, bakers or fishermen, they share the same passion for their job and the constant search for perfection.



So, how do you feed 300 million people, using production methods that are sustainable and eco-friendly? How do you implement ecological agriculture on a very large scale? To answer these questions, we head to California, the birthplace of sustainable agriculture


On the Caribbean island of Martinique, the difficult climate and frequent natural disasters have often imposed a high use of pesticides and slowed down the growth of sustainable agriculture. These producers advocate the return of biodiversity to their farms.


Even after the terrible times the kingdom has lived through, with Pol Pot and the regime of the Khmer Rouge, this land of smiles is still full of unsuspected riches.


Oscillating between modernity and tradition, the country perpetuates ancestral know-how and produces exceptional dishes.


In this culinary road trip, our Taste Hunter will meet Jeffa Gill, regarded as the pope of Irish cheese. See saddlebacks, an ancient breed of English hogs raised in the open air. Try fish smoking from a traditional technique. Visit the mythical region of Connemara where Bernard King raises lambs of outstanding quality and flavour.


Little known for its gastronomy, the country is yet rich in agricultural traditions and gradually awakens to more sustainable modes of production.


The territory enjoys a privileged situation for the development of a quality organic farming and cultivates its deep attachment to the sea.


We journey to the heart of rural France, in the mountain region of Aubrac. Meet different regional producers: Daniel Raymond, a yellow-legged chicken breeder, an old breed of poultry raised in the open; The Jeune Montagne cooperative, which unites 75 dairy farmers and produces the Laguiole PDO cheese, and finally truffles.


In this ancestral land with a lot of character and a strong cultural identity, agriculture relies predominantly on livestock and dairy production. But recently, small-scale farms are emerging, campaigning for more peasant biodiversity and more environmentally friendly methods.


Characterized by mountainous landscapes but enjoying favorable natural conditions, the Peninsula lists among the main agricultural countries of Europe with small family farms. In Italy, Gastronomy is above all an art of living, inscribed in the Unesco World Heritage.