Vacation Rental Potential Season 2

  • Lifestyle
  • 2017

Host Holly Baker visits top destinations across the country and helps prospective homeowners choose potential vacation homes to buy and how to optimise their rental potential as future rentals on sites like VRBO and HomeAway.


Atlanta, GA

Justin and Charalaina are from Atlanta and want to invest. With a big chunk of their life savings at stake, Holly Baker will need to be on her A-game to make sure they’re getting bang-for-buck.

Bend, OR

John and Tiffany have been holidaying in Bend, Oregon since they first started dating. Now ready to make Bend a permanent part of their lives, with the purchase of their first vacation home.

Mammoth Lakes, CA

Holly sets out to help Josh and Brooke maximize a rental property opportunity in their home town of Mammoth Lakes.

Palm Springs, CA

Jill and Cutter have formed a blended family, which has created a passion to seek out an affordable vacation. Holly spots three homes that will both appeal to renters and be big enough to fit the whole family.

Delaware Coast

Brad and Stacey are after a relaxing holiday pad on the Delaware Coast. Holly investigates three choice options. With a coat of paint and a savvy eye for design will they we be able to turn one into the home of their dreams?

Seattle, WA

Holly shows Angie and Jarrett a way to buy into the Seattle area by sourcing three vacation homes. With family and flexibility in mind, will Holly be able to help them pick a hot vocational rental potential?

Poconos, PA

Steve and Bridget have called in for Holly’s help. Hoping to find that perfect balance of rental potential as well as a second home for a family vacation. Holly has her work cut out in Poconos….

Kauai, Hawaii

Matt and Rosi love the garden island of Kauai, so when Holly shows them three great options for an investment, their dreams get one step closer in becoming a reality.

Maui, Hawaii

Jillian and and good friend Kim take on Hawaii in all its splendour. With Holly’s keen eye and expertise, will the last task be left up to Jillian to convince husband Matt that she has found the perfect investment?


The Pooles are a big, close family who love spending time together at the beach, so when Holly shows them the vaca / rental balance and potential, will they all agree on the house of their dreams?